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With my exquisite Indian beauty, I am everything a man could want and more! I am an unruly woman with wayward morals. I have always wanted to try double penetration. I have been in threesomes before and I enjoy anal sex and have tried it with toys but never two guys. I want to be gang banged by good looking strangers with me as the centre of their attention. I want to be in a porn movie too – this idea really turns me on. There is so much I want to do but it’s shameful in my small community. This is why I love mobile phone sex. It’s about having some kinky fun, filthy fun without being judged, rejected or banished. I want intense orgasms, where we are both dripping with sweat, our pulse rates raging, gasping for breathe – totally losing control. If you’re looking to spice things up, I’m your girl.

A full body massage followed by at least an hour of cunnilingus. Rubbing a cock all over my body, bringing them to the edge of orgasm and then sucking them off to cum in my mouth.

Strange stuff – that dark domination sex. I have read about it but doesn’t sound nice. I’m not sure about lesbian sex either. I’m not attracted to women so the thought is quite off putting but never say never!