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Hi Guys, I’m Harita, a 22 year old Bangladeshi babe. I work in a tattoo parlour which suits me perfect as I do love my men rough and rugged. Piecing, tattoos and I have a thing for scars. Give me a bad boy any day. I am very westernised but still enjoy dressing up and decorating myself in cultural attire. I never wear panties and I’m always naked underneath my sari, the soft silk against my skin feels so good. Even at my young age, I’ve fulfilled many of my biggest fantasies, but I do have a few yet to check off my sex list. I may look sweet and innocent but don’t be fooled. I am very VERY dirty. I want to explore every inch of your inner sanctum. Tease, squeeze, and totally please. Would you like to play? Get super filthy saucy? Phone or Text me to sex me. I’ll do things no other Indian girl will – that I promise.

Sitting on a man’s face whilst sucking his cock, caressing his balls, gently teasing and tickling his arse hole until he shoots his cream in my mouth. I’m a swallower and I love the taste of man juice.

I will not and refuse to have toilet sex – no poo or piss please. I might be kinky but I won’t do that sort of thing (sorry). I’m up for some rough play but nothing that really hurts – none of that torture stuff.