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Hey, Jameela here! I’m a nineteen year old bad girl with attitude. As told on a daily basis, a big disappointment to my parents. They more they say don’t, the more I do. I was at some correctional boot camp when the first guy I ever had sex with gave me proper intense head. He really got into sucking on it, I really liked he kept eye contact. He introduced me to his friend, he was into nipples – I LOVED IT! He took the tip in between is front teeth gently and flicked with his tongue whilst scraping down my back with his nails – HOT! Asking permission to do stuff – that’s sexy hot too! I like older guys, old and married suits me. FYI – I give monster blow jobs. Good whilst riding a dildo – men like that. I am very good at being very bad! A dirty little girl, horny for sex. Contact ME, Jameela – CUM AND GET IT..!!

The Kama Sutra – sizzling strategies and sex positions. Masturbating in front of a man and making him shoot without even touching me. Flirting in tight revealing clothes – no traditional wear for this girl.

Little dicks NO THANKS! Smelly men, hairy backs, bad toe nails, bad breathe, cheap guys, men who think they can dance – that’s sad, older men who say young street words – how embarrassing.