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I am a strong and confident Pakistani woman. A sexual Goddess. Far from a home-bound and kept housewife. I work as a lawyer, I am single and childless by choice and live a life of independence and luxury. I came to the UK at aged two and I am now a British citizen. I am dominant in bed, assertive and manipulative. Sex is my stress release. After a hard day at court, I like nothing more than to FUCK. Yes, FUCK. I need this to wind down, some have a glass or two of wine, me a session of COCK. I live in an exclusive block of studios overlooking the river – with its own gym and sauna, I have a hot selection of bachelors to choose from. Why I joined this text contacts site? I spend many evenings preparing cases. When I need a break, I chat get off with horny strangers on the phone. Call ME or TEXT ME. Text and we’ll swap naughty pix.

I like a man to be obedient and totally respectful to my sexual demands. I want to be in control and I will dictate what happens and what doesn’t. I’m strong and powerful – this you will LOVE.

Angry, unintelligent, aggressive men. Pub louts and beer belly Brit’s. Men who feel women are less than. Couch potatoes with no ambition. Filthy (as in unhygienic) men. Filthy sexual is very good!