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I’m Priti and I say a horny hello to my sexy friends. I’m in the UK learning medicine. I’m intelligent, ambitious and driven with an immense passion for sex. It can’t be all work and no play which is why I’m always available for a filthy phone sexing session. Mobile phone sex, LOVE IT. We can swap pictures and videos too. My family are back in Delhi so no one will ever find out. Sex – doing and watching too. I visit these secret, what they call, orgies. A shower of sweaty bodies intertwined, reeling and rolling around in lust. Complete strangers, naked, all ravishing each other. It’s true ecstasy to watch. I can orgasm by just looking alone. My fantasy is to one day blow cock through a glory hole. My culture can be suppressing but I have inner desires that I must express. Contact me and let’s enjoy one another.

Somewhere, anywhere – spontaneously pull down my panties and eat me, licking me to orgasm and then thrusting me deep and hard. The risk of being caught is such a turn on.

I have a fear of entrapment so I can’t be restrained and definitely not blind folded. I have to see where I am and what’s going to happen. I’m up for most things but I have to be in control.