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Hey Shama here! I’m a Punjabi Princess. I love to dress up and look pretty. Draped in jewellery and wearing my silk embroidered outfits, I always look good. I am naughty promiscuous with many partners – both male and female. Open-minded, wild at heart, with no sexual hang-ups. I’m horny as hell, a love-minx who just wants to orgasm. My family think I am a good girl but on church Sunday, I fulfilled by number one fantasy, I fooled around with three guys, two in the back, one in my mouth – I was totally covered in cum inside and out. It was amazing! My question to YOU – what’s one thing you would want to do to someone or have someone do to you but could never ask for? Contact me, text or call, and lets do it..!! Hitch up my sari and sex me rotten – Big kisses, chat soon (I hope) xxx

Building up to a point where everything blows in a great blast of sexual climax and ecstasy. I secretly watch sex films and I just love seeing other women suck men. This is a real turn on for me.

When a man kisses me after eating me. Missionary position and unadventurous sex. Long talks after sex – a no, no. And – I’d never do a man with a strap-on. That is just too kinky even for me.