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I’m a Pakistani nymphomaniac. A wild rebel with a hatred of social conditioning and dictation. Still living at home, I’m nineteen and I will do anything to piss off my nagging parents. Oh the shame of the disappointing daughter. I have been in England since I was two so my views are what the fuck anyhow. I’ll do what I want and when I want. No gender issues, no sexual preferences, no judgments, no egos – take me or leave me. I’m hard, I’m hot and I’m ready for action. Explore ME for a cum overload. I’m a sexual deviant. When I fantasize about something, I do it. I’m the best at long ass blow jobs and rim sex. I mount and ride the shit out of a man. Forget the kissing and cuddling – I’m hardcore. Contact me if you’re a dirty bastard. Shy and insecure – don’t waste my time..!!

Fight me, eat me, take me – hot and sweaty mad, off-the-scale, filthy sex. Girl-girl, boy-girl, boys and girls. I’m open to it all – just like my pussy and arse – open and ready for the taking. CUM GET IT..!!

It’s simple – here’s a list of words I hate: romance, intimacy, sensual, caring, hugs, kisses, cuddles, LOVE YOU??!! HHHMM – top ten for sure..!! Don’t, Listen, Can’t, Obey. I’m a free-spirit – let me be!