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Hello, my name is Sikta. Three nice words to describe myself. Kind, caring and sincere. I’m here studying to be a nurse I don’t have time to meet people so I’m still single. I have been with a couple of British guys but nothing lasted. I am very sexual. Passionate and intense, a strong woman with an admiration for the power of a man. I’m judged on my nationality and the way I dress. This saddens me. You assume I’m a good little Indian girl when really I’m not. Yes, brought up correctly with pristine manners and always respectful but with that said, and I have read, that men like their woman to be a lady by day and a whore by night. That’s me – totally. A feminine exotic beauty but in the bedroom a mucky mistress. Share my secrets; be with me – call me, text me. I have some hot videos that I’d really like to send you! Sweet dreams, sweet-heart.

I like guys – good guys. Smart and sexual gentlemen. Men who know how to please a lady in every way. Men who treat me like a Queen in everyday life and like a slut in bed – with a kiss and cuddle after.

Beer drinking, loud mouthed men who swear. Men who use and abuse. Men without feelings or any concern for others around them. Men who expect without giving in return. I give and deserve the same.