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I’m a delicious New Delhi delight. 21 with a seriously hot body. I am very sexual and get off on being flirty – especially with family friends. This drives my parents insane. One time at a get together, I wanked off my Dad’s friend under the dinner table. His wife was sitting next to him – that was the best part. Another time, Uncle Mani came to stay and he went for his afternoon rest, he was naked accept for y-fronts, before he knew it, I was sucking him off so hard and fast he couldn’t say no. We don’t talk of these things but gatherings are always a laugh. The men hide, red-faced with shame. Get me hot, turn me on, the world starts to spin and it drives me WILD! Cum is so warm, wet and sweet, I love it. You won’t be left with a boner after chatting with me. I’m ready for some filthy fun – are you?

Sitting on and grinding a man’s face whilst he breathes in my scent and licks the sweat off my cheeks. I also really like harsh clit stimulation. Rough sex is good. Dirty, hard and ROUGH.

I haven’t tried everything but everything I have tried I like. I guess if I had to say something, men who cry when they cum. This has happened twice now – maybe because they were married – not sure.